No pesticide, no chemical fertilizer for over 40 years
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What we grow here in Asamiya area is green tea with no pesticide or chemical fertilizer.
We have been doing organic farming for over 40 years.

Asamiya, the origin of green tea in Japan
About 1200 years ago, Buddhist monk Saicho brought green tea seeds back from China and planted them in Hiei temple and Asamiya area.
These 2 areas in Shiga are considered to be the origin of green tea in Japan.

Top rated tea plantations in Japan

Asamiya is the highlands of 300-400m (984-1312 ft.) above sea level.
This environment generates a drastic change in temperature during the day and night,
which foams fog to help grow green tea leaves.

Most of tea leaves grown in Asamiya are traded to become a part of ingredients for Kyoto Uji,
Japan’s most well known green tea area.
We are the few people who sells authentic Asamiya green tea.

Our popular items sold overseas


Premium First Flush Sencha   Premium Karigane Hojicha   Stone Milled Matcha
Harvested only brand new soft buds in early May, 2 weeks prior to the ordinary first flush
harvest period.
  We even roast Gyokuro at your request!
Our Hojicha is famous for its rich aroma.
  We only provide with tea ceremony grade matcha.

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