Japan's Hidden Treasure

Asamiya Green Tea

Growing tea leaves with no pesticides or chemical fertilizers over 40 years. Now available for the international delivery.



reasons why you should try our Asamiya tea

1: Taste the origin of Japanese green tea

About 1200 years ago, Buddhist monk Saicho brought green tea seeds back from China and planted them in Hiei Temple and the Asamiya area.

These two areas in Shiga, Japan are considered to be the origin of green tea in Japan.

2: Top rated tea plantation in Japan

Asamiya is listed as one of five major tea plantations in Japan.

Asamiya tea was judged among the best teas in Western Japan back in 1853.

The plantation is in the highlands of Japan, approximately 300-400 meters (984-1312 ft.) above sea level.

This environment generates a drastic change in temperature from daytime to night.

The resultant fog helps grow its high-quality green tea leaves.

3: Very rare tea

We would like you to experience the bold yet sophisticated flavor of our award-winning teas.

We are one of few farmers who sells our tea as Asamiya tea.

Even though Asamiya tea has a great reputation from green tea lovers in Japan,

it is hard to purchase our tea in stores. The reason is that 90% of all tea leaves are purchased by the largest marketer - Uji, Kyoto -before smaller stores can access them.

Their tea masters then blend our tea leaves with theirs and make their final products.

4: Asamiya Tea has proudly been pesticide and chemical free since 1975

During the rapid economic growth in the 1970’ s, many farmers began using pesticides and large machines in pursuit of big profit.

We decided to follow a different path.

Our farmers lure praying mantises, bees and spiders for organic pest control.

We pick weeds by hand, and use fallen leaves and naturally-derived fertilizers to enrich our products by hand, and used falles leaves and naturally-derived fertilizers since then.

5: Award-winning tea

Award received by Katagi Kouka En


1st prize a t Shiga green tea industry competition (1990)

3rd prize at Sencha division of National Green tea competition (1997)

Asamiya Black tea awarded at Coco cool Mother Lake selection (2012)

Hand picked Sencha awarded at Coco cool Mother Lake selection (2013)

2nd prize at Kansai Green tea competition (2014)


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